Love South Dallas

Traveling to a different state or foreign country is unnecessary to find people living in deep, deep poverty. People are sleeping on the streets and facing hunger every day and night right here in our backyardz. We must do something to help them, as Jesus commanded.

Therefore, your tax-deductible financial contributions are greatly appreciated. They enable us to transform lives right in the heart of the inner-city of Dallas, Texas. Without them, we couldn’t accomplish what God has called us to accomplish. You are making it possible. That means you’re an integral part of our ministry. God credits you for everything we accomplish as if He called you to accomplish it. You’re part of our team!

Once again thank you from the depths of our heart. You may be taking money and food from your table to help us. If so, that makes your giving even more precious before God, deserving of His finest return and gratitude.

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